You Might Go Hungry If These 3 Appliances Get Broken

close up of a kitchen oven

As a homeowner, you enjoy a lot of ways to cook your food thanks to modern technology. You can use a stove to fry meat, an oven to bake pastries or a microwave to make popcorn. These cooking appliances are therefore indispensable for most households.

Are you curious about how these three work, and what to do in case they get broken? Here is a guide to help you get started.


The stove could be considered the quintessential cooking appliance. You can do a lot of cooking with stoves, such as frying, sauteing, poaching, and such. A stove can either be gas or electric-powered. A gas stove cooks your food by generating flame on which you can put the pan or kettle. An electric stove generates heat by running electricity through a conductor until it’s hot enough.

Sometimes an electric stove can malfunction when there is a problem with its circuitry. The circuitry is what heeds your commands whenever you turn on the switch or adjust the heat level, and a broken burner circuit means the stove won’t heat to cook your food. Refer to the manual of the electric stove to see its instructions. It’s also best to consult a repair team to handle this because they’re trained to handle electric hazards.


Ovens are used for baking pastries, roasting meat, and similar cooking techniques. An oven works by heating air inside it, which then circulates through the food put inside. You can adjust the heat according to the type of food you’re cooking, preventing scorching.

Ovens can catch fire if left unattended, in these cases, you need to turn off the oven and leave the oven door closed. To prevent risks, a repair service should be called in to check the damage to the oven. Whether you’re in Brooklyn or Millcreek, an appliance repair service should be available.

Microwave Ovens

Simply called “microwave”, this machine handles simple heating for foods. This is what distinguishes a microwave from an actual oven. Still, it can cook popcorn, lasagna, or simple cake mixes. A microwave works by literally using “microwaves” which is a sort of radiation that heats up the food in the machine, as opposed to actual ovens that use heated air which heat everything inside.

Like an electric stove or an oven, microwaves are also susceptible to electric malfunction. As is also suggested in the earlier two, repair for a microwave is best entrusted to a repair team to prevent electric hazards. The stove, oven, and microwave handle cooking at home, so if they get broken then you might get hungry! When calling in a repair team to fix things, ask them for more care tips, and they’ll surely provide you with some.