Why Testing is a Crucial Step in Product Development

production plant

Picture this: You have a product in mind. You pursue your dream of seeing this product turn from an idea into a tangible reality. You partner with a reliable supplier or manufacturer to help you create your brainchild. You end up with a product you have full confidence in. You release your product into the market. You see your product fail.

This is a disheartening scenario. One you need not experience. If you’re wondering which part of the process caused your product’s failure, the answer is most likely this: you missed the crucial step called product testing.

Why test your product?

The quickest answer to this question is also the simplest: to look for possible product flaws and defects.  Let’s say you want to introduce a new organic health drink in the market. It’s not enough that you rely on the popularity of the “health” trend and trust the existing market. To take your product development game to the next level, it is best that you partner with product testing labs like JTL America that provide test market users and other testing methodologies.

Through this, you will know if your product is too sweet. Or, to save you from a potential thankless effort, know if there’s still room in the market for what you wish to offer.

Early Adopters

Test market users often belong to a group called early adopters. These people are the ones who set market trends. Having them on your side early on in your product’s development, given they appreciated your product during testing—means you have a horde of influential consumers who can rally for, let’s say, your new organic health drink.

But these two—learning of product flaws and inspiring early adopters—are just the most basic among all the benefits you can enjoy from having your product tested. These benefits include an array of market insights at your disposal. After all, the next step you will have to do after your product is cleared quality and need-wise is actually to sell it. That’s where these insights will come in.