What The Sounds of your Fridge is Trying to Tell You

When you hear your fridge making all sorts of noises, what are you thinking? Well, a majority of those sounds, regardless if your fridge is old or new, are normal. Before you call for fridge service in Salt Lake City, you should know how to interpret each sound you hear.

That said, below are the many different noises you could hear your fridge is making, along with explanations for why they’re normal, why they’re not, and what you could do to fix them.

Common Fridge Operating Sounds

  • Hisses and Drips: The refrigerant or oil flowing in the compressor.
  • Gurgles and/or Running Water sounds: Could be heard when ice is melting due to the defrost cycle because of the water running down the drain pan
  • Buzzes and/or Clicks: Could be heard when the valve of the water inlet is opening and closing to fill up the icemaker or dispense water. But this is only normal if your fridge is attached to a water line.
  • Pulses and/or Whirrs: The compressor or fans are adjusting as required to optimize your fridge’s overall performance.
  • Pops: Typical expansion and contraction of your fridge’s interior walls.
  • Consistent clicks: The evaporator valve is regulating the temperature cooling function.
  • Sizzles: Occurs when water drips down onto the heater due to defrosting.
  • Clattering: Happens when ice cubes fall into the ice cube storage bin.

Uncommon Fridge Sounds

  • Significant Vibrations: Your fridge might not be level on your floor. You could adjust the leveling screws or the legs and then lower the leveling feet.
  • Buzzes and/or Clicks: Turn off your icemaker if your fridge is not attached to the water line.
  • Bangs and Rattles: Occurs when water lines move against your fridge’s cabinet or crowded items on top of your fridge. Remove the items stored on top of your fridge and/or secure the water lines to refrigerator’s cabinet properly.

Now that you know what are common and normal fridge operating sounds not, you need not worry every time you hear them. On the other hand, if you hear strange sounds, tried the solutions for them and failed, your best recourse is to have it checked by a professional to prevent further damage.