What Makes Spray Foam Insulation Special?

Man putting spray foam insulation

Adequate and properly installed attic insulation is an important building block of your home’s complete thermal enclosure system. It beats most of its counterparts in practically every area. For starters, here are its undisputed advantages:

Superior Energy Efficiency

If you invest in Kansas City spray foam insulations, expect excellent energy performance. Closed-cell foam, the denser variety of this insulation solution, delivers an R-value of about 6.5, which is the highest you can find on the market.

As a powerful insulator, it can reduce the flow of heat into your attic, and vice versa. In turn, you can achieve your desired indoor comfort with less energy and regulate the temperature of your rooms.

Unmatched Impermeability

The beauty of installing spray foam insulation is that it effectively seals the cracks and holes in the attic. According to ENERGY STAR, an average American home has about a half-mile of gaps that allow air infiltration. With spray foam insulation, you can cover a lot of them.

Apart from keeping heat transfer and air leakage to a minimum, spray foam insulation is also an exceptional moisture barrier. Considering your home’s moist, indoor air naturally rises and goes to the attic, this insulation would deny entry to it.

As a result, it helps reduce condensation and inhibit mold growth.

Remarkable Longevity

Barring roof leakage, spray foam insulation can last indefinitely because of its inert polymer. It won’t last forever but expect it to serve your home at a high level without fail for decades. Its longevity, when combined with its amazing energy efficiency, makes it an eco-friendly attic insulation choice.

But then again, it’s imperative to observe proper maintenance. You ought to get your roof professionally inspected every few years to prevent leaks, and keep the water from damaging your insulation for good.

Spray foam insulation may be one of the many options you can choose from, but it’s certainly worthiest of your money. Work with an experienced insulation company to get it installed flawlessly, and harness its benefits.