Utah Proposes New Rate Fees to People With Solar Panels?

Solar panels installed on a roof

If you live in Utah and have a rooftop solar panel at home, there’s a big chance that you would pay higher bills in case a proposal gains approval.

Rocky Mountain Power floated the proposed higher fees in November 2016. It seeks customers of solar panels to pay fees related to installation, a move seen by solar power companies as a potential threat to their growing business.

Fair Price

State utility regulators have begun to deliberate on the proposal, which also calls for reselling the conserved electricity back to Rocky Mountain Power. Solar panels have been touted as an energy-efficient tool to save on power, so residents in the state who use them are believed to be consuming less electricity.

As part of the proposal, the power company pursues an almost triple increase in monthly customer charges and peak-time usage. It argued that customers with solar panels pay an unfair share of services and receive a full retail price for the production of solar energy.

Hearing Pleas

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Solar energy advocates have engaged in settlement talks with Rocky Mountain Power for another option. The Office of Consumer Services and Division of Public Utilities have already provided an alternative route to avert a potential rate hike. Still, hearings on the proposed restructuring rates proceeded despite the negotiations. Consumers, as well as the Utah Solar Energy Association and other environmental groups, remain positive on the outcome of a mutual deal.

Utility expenses in Utah would significantly increase if Rocky Mountain Power gains approval for the proposal. Residents will continue to monitor the developments on this issue.