uPVC Windows: Are They Worth the Hype?

Man installing the uPVC window

There is plenty of hype surrounding windows recently, mainly due to the stricter industry regulations to assist in lowering carbon emissions for the next few years. However, this puts builders, architects, designers, and even home-owners in a difficult position. They now have a hard time selecting which kind would be ideal for their building, home, finances, and the environment.

From a practical and sustainable perspective, uPVC window manufacturers have received great praise for creating materials with massive advantages. With this in mind, is it truly worth the hype? It’s merely a plastic window system, so wouldn’t its window frame be weaker compared to wood and aluminium? To ease your worries and give you peace of mind, check out the low down on uPVC below:


As you know, safety is the top priority when constructing a building or a home. As windows serve as an easy point of entry to the outside world, you must make sure that it’s made of resilient material. A uPVC might be plastic, but window frames that have double glazing will be able to protect you against any trespasser.


You spend nearly half of your electrical bill controlling the temperature of your home. With the average thermal properties of uPVC, you will be snug and warm during winter, while calm and cool during summer. A uPVC will be the reason you will use less of your heater in the cold season and also less air conditioning system throughout the hot season.


Most uPVC windows remain to be in their tip-top physical condition due to a distinct compound added during the manufacturing process. It’s the reason for the smooth gloss finish in uPVC that never rots or warps and only needs minimal maintenance.

By now, you probably gained more confidence in plastic than ever before. Unlike what you’re used to, you can completely place your trust in uPVC.