Understanding the Trend Behind Mommy Makeover

a woman lying in hospital bed about to undergo cosmetic surgery

You've probably heard of mommy makeovers, but are not entirely sure what do these procedures do to your body. Well, you need to gain a better understanding of what's involved in this treatment.

Dr. Steven Warnock shares some pieces of information about this type of cosmetic treatment.

Targets Moms with Post-Pregnancy Issues

Mommy makeovers are ideal for mothers who developed body issues right after they delivered a baby. As getting back into shape after pregnancy or childbirth is not always an easy journey, this procedure can hasten your body's recovery. This paired with exercise and diet allows you to bring back that hot bod in no time.

Consists of Three or More Plastic Surgeries

This treatment usually consists of three or more types of invasive plastic surgery. It is a cosmetic package that includes tummy tuck (or abdominoplasty, which gives a smoother and firmer tummy), breast lifts (to shape and bring back the natural contour of breasts), and liposuction (gets rid of excess fat in the body that can't be removed by simple diet or workout).

In addition to these procedures, mommy makeovers may often be combined with cellulite treatment, skin tightening, and stretch mark improvement.

The Procedure May Cost You a Lot

Depending on the surgery you're going to get, the cost for mommy makeovers often ranges from $10,000 to $25,000 on average. This is because you'll often need to undergo more than one type of plastic surgery. It may seem like a hefty amount of money, but if you look at the end result, it's more than worth it.

Recovery Can Be Challenging

As you decide to undergo this procedure, one of the most challenging things you'll need to face is the recovery. Throughout the first few months or weeks, you can experience pain in the operated area. This may limit you to work at the minimal time. For this, you may not get into your mommy duties to your child for a week or so, so you'll need someone who could look after him or her.

Mommy makeovers are a great solution for moms who've been wanting to restore their pre-pregnancy body. As promising as it sounds, it's important that you understand these things so you'll know what to expect as you go through this procedure.