Unanticipated Dangers of a Leaky Roof

Checking for and repairing roof leaks need to be a priority on your roofing maintenance, a service provided by specialists such as Barrier Roofing Ltd. That is because even a small roof leak can cause severe damage to your home and pose several hazards.

Besides being a structural problem, a leaky roof can wreak havoc in the following unexpected ways.

Mould growth

Roof leaks are a common source of moisture in buildings. Moisture encourages the growth of mould, and the increase of mildew is a big problem for homeowners. Mould exposure can cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks.

Mould can also damage ceiling tiles, wood framing, wall coverings, floor coverings and anything else it attacks. Getting rid of mould is also challenging and expensive.

Slip and fall hazard

Water puddles on the floor are a slip and fall hazard especially for kids and ageing adults. If your roof is severely leaking, you need to mop up the water regularly to avert human spills.

Fire hazard

Water and electricity have never been friends. A leaky roof can cause a fire if water gets to electrical wiring in your attic or ceiling and shorts the wires. Turn off electricity in areas affected by roof leaks and call an electrician before you even call the roof repair technician.

Higher energy bills

Roof leaks can adversely affect your attic’s insulation. Saturated insulation takes forever to dry out thus losing its efficiency. Consequently, your home will unnecessarily lose conditioned air and this wastage leads to higher utility bills.

A leaky roof is more than a structural problem. Constant water intrusion will encourage indoor mould. A leaky roof can also lead to human spills, fires and higher utility bills. Inspect your roof flashing, shingles, chimneys, old skylights, plumbing pipes and vents, and other common sources of roof leaks regularly. Call a reputable roofing repair service as soon as you spot a roofing problem.