Top Considerations for Optimal Hip Scope Results

A doctor speaking with a patient

After deciding to undergo a hip arthroscopy here in Utah County, a procedure offered by clinics such as Michael J. Carlson, MD, all you want now is to be sure you will get maximum results as far as minimizing the pain on your hips is concerned.

You have already signed up for the surgery and are set to go. But there are a couple of aspects you should consider before going for hip scope so you can prepare to get the most out of this surgical procedure.

The Recovery Period Is Unique to Your Body

As the adage goes, time is a healer. Yes, of all things, including recovering from this surgical procedure. Ideally, there is nothing here to speed up the recovery process, save for taking a healthy dose of patience and waiting for your doctor’s clearance.

You, however, can invest in healthy meals and other immunity boosting techniques and take the recommended amount of water to keep your immune system functioning optimally. Bear in mind that human bodies heal differently. So, be patient with your body, and you will recover within no time.

You Need to Move Around, Not Run

As mentioned earlier, recovery results are unique and vary from one person to the other. However, being inactive after surgery can make the healing process longer and more painfully.

Change your lifestyle; take aerobic exercises and do some light weight lifting to flex your hip muscles, but ensure you first seek weight recommendations from your doctor. The next time you want to sit around after this surgery, remember, at this stage, inactivity will you more harm than good.

The Recovery Process Is a Rollercoaster

No two recovery days are the same. You may wake up with no pain today, and, the next day you are in excruciating pain, or the converse. The road to recovery from hip scope is full of difficulties, and it is important you first embrace that fact when planning for the surgical procedure.

It is always advisable you ensure your doctor is not only a licensed medical practitioner but also an experienced and specialized hip arthroscopy surgeon.