Tips to Improve Your Hotel’s Ranking Online

Pest control employee ready to exterminate the bed bugs in the hotel

There are some things to remember when running a hotel. Promoting special packages and lowering prices can attract a good number of customers. Improving the facilities is also important to ensure that all systems are working to your customer’s advantage. No matter what you do, however, always keep the customer in mind. But don’t forget these three valuable tips as well to get a good rating online:

Don’t let the bedbugs bite

Clean, dust-free, sweet-smelling hallways, lobbies and rooms are some of the ways to keep the customer feel at home. But no matter how spotless it may seem, one detractor can get in the way of a good business: pests. From roaches to rats, pests can ruin the reputation of an establishment. The best solution is to contact a pest control service provider in Indiana like Yes Pest Pros to ensure that pests are controlled and eliminated. This solution is also effective for possible bedbug infestation brought about by travelers themselves.

Be attentive to your guests

This may sound like a no mental effort but being attentive means more than just answering a customer’s request; it’s also about conducting personal service. Your goal is to make sure that all your guests feel at home even for just a night and must be treated more than just a visitor. And don’t forget to be proactive when resolving a complaint. Fast and efficient solutions will encourage guests to rate your hotel high on customer service.

Reward your staff

Your hotel’s ranking will only improve if all the important aspects are met from cleanliness to customer service. But this is not possible if your staff will not cooperate. Always make sure to treat your staff well and reward them accordingly to avoid demotivating issues and resignation. A staff member that goes to work happy will produce happy results, so take care of your employees as you would with your guests.