Tips for Homeowners on Termites and Bed Bugs: Pest Control Priorities for a Safe House

Exterminator ready to work

Summer has come again. After enjoying the warm and sunshine of the first days of the season, homeowners should start thinking about effective management of pests. Each state in the U.S. has different pests to deal with.

Bug season

Home pest control service calls to experts like Yes Pest Pros, Inc. increase during the summer months. Two of the most damaging pests in Indiana today are termites and bed bugs. While the structural damage from termites is obvious, you may be wondering what’s so damaging about bed bugs. That thing with bed bugs is that they are difficult to get rid of. If the infestation is widespread, as they tend to be without intervention, you must get rid of all infested furniture. Otherwise, you would have to live with the insects and endure their nasty bites.

An ounce of prevention

Termites get easy access to homes through the tiniest cracks. They immediately go about their business of chewing on anything made from cellulose. Before you know it, the insects are making your home their primary source of food. Millions of termites belong to a colony. How do you get rid of them when they could be mainly subterranean? Experts always say termite protection is the best solution. Invest in pest control services in order to prevent them from entering your home.

Similarly, bed bugs are difficult to find and exterminate completely. They could be already established in the entire house before you get the first bite marks. Complete extermination takes time and can be costly. Your priority is to protect your home from them and prevent them from entering.

A local professional can give you helpful advice on the most effective preventive measures against termites and bed bugs. Be confident that you can protect your home from these pests.