This is How You Sabotage Your Sleep

Sad girl not getting enough sleep on her bed in pink background

If you suffer from disturbed sleep and restless nights, you may be sleeping the wrong way. You may not realize it, but how you sleep and what you do before bedtime can sabotage your slumber. These mistakes, along with a less-than-ideal sleeping environment, could be contributing to disturbed and poor sleep quality.

Mentally demanding activities before bed

It is okay to do some light reading, but be sure to avoid intellectually stimulating activities before sleeping. This may include constant worrying about the next day, disappointing conversations, or any other tasks that stimulate the brain. These activities can make it hard for you to fall asleep, while also compromising sleep quality.

Old and worn out mattress

A typical mattress can last seven to 10 years, but note that your weight and the time spent lying on it influence its lifespan. It is best to replace an old mattress if your body sags when sleeping. An old and worn out mattress does nothing but cause back and shoulder pain. You should also invest in quality pillows or look for bamboo sheets online from Cozy Earth for additional comfort when sleeping.

Too much light at night

Lights at night fool your brain that it is not yet time to rest. Keep in mind that the body is not designed to rest or doze off with bright and glaring lights. You should also eliminate lights from electronic devices, which mean avoiding using your phone or laptop before bed. Give your brain a time to wind down and be sure to keep your bedroom as dark as possible.

Sleeping on your stomach

While this position can minimize snoring, this also flattens the natural curvature of the spine, which leads to back pain. As it puts too much pressure on your back and neck, it results in poor sleep quality. The ideal position is the fetal one or lying on one side with a pillow between legs. This decreases the stress on the back, as it follows the original curve of the spine.

Modify your sleeping environment and change the way you sleep for a restful night. Eliminate distractions and invest in products and sleeping aids can help you doze off better.