The Rising Demand For Certified Estheticians

Wrinkles are a sign of aging and these are almost inevitable. Because more people are looking for effective ways to delay the aging process and improve their appearance, many students dream of becoming estheticians.

Attending a licensed school that offers professional esthetician certification in Utah is the first step. It allows aspiring estheticians to gain the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to offer skin care services or assist medical professionals when performing a variety of clinical procedures.

Professional Training

Technically speaking, esthetics is the application of various methods and techniques using different tools for application to the epidermal layer of the human skin. It covers steaming, waxing, peels, extraction and deep cleansing. Due to the nature of the tools and techniques, estheticians must undergo intensive skills training in the latest tools and techniques.

After training, they must pass state licensure exams as health and wellness professionals. Only Connecticut allows non-licensed estheticians to practice in the state.

Non-Medical Health and Wellness

While estheticians must pass the state exams, they are not considered as medical practitioners. They cannot diagnose, treat skin conditions, or write prescriptions for skin conditions and diseases. Only medical specialists such as dermatologists are allowed for medical skin care procedures. Estheticians work in dermatology clinics under the supervision of medical professionals. Besides dermatologists, they can also be found in the offices of cosmetic surgeons, as well as in day spas.

Many estheticians also know other techniques, including the use of steam facials, laser, and diamond peels, creams, masks, lotions, serums, Botox, and wraps. They are also trained to use tools, such as electric pulverizers, galvanic current, and atomizers, depending on the needs of the client.

There is an increasing demand for estheticians. Those who want to resolve their skin problems and look better can turn to these professionals.