The Philosophy of Landscaping

a luxuriant garden landscape

Landscaping looks at all the elements of an outdoor space or portion of a garden and makes them work together to create different experiences and feelings. Think of it as creating a piece of art using the outdoors as a canvas and the components as materials.

Landscape gardening in Richmond, with a firm like Town and Country Gardens, begins with design. There is an underlying philosophy and skill to landscaping which is part of an ongoing conversation in the industry. However, there are some basics that can help someone start to imagine what landscape gardening in Richmond can do for their space.


The eye responds to certain forms in different ways. For example, symmetry adds a feeling of formality and cohesion. Shapes such as curves, rectangles, squares and ellipses can be applied to paths, the edges of lawns, hedges or other elements in the garden. Circles can be used to great effect to make gardens appear larger and to soften the edges of an otherwise formal space in surprising ways.

Linking different shapes together moves the user and the feel of the garden together, from one space to the next. A designer might choose to stick to one sort of shape or mix them together for variation.


Different materials can be used to create endless variation in a garden. Wood, stone, foliage, glass, metal – the list of possibilities goes on. They can be used to create walkways, decking, structures and decoration. Good landscape gardening in Richmond will take into account the aesthetics but also the functionality and longevity of the various materials.


Our brains understand patterns and unity. When we perceive balance and cohesion, it is relaxing. Occasional breaks from form within a wider pattern can then be used as patches of stimulation. These concepts can be used to create a beautiful and interesting outdoor space that has an emotional effect on the user.

A landscaping expert might suggest a theme for a garden that evokes the senses in a certain way to recreate the feeling of, for example, a Mediterranean environment or perhaps a botanical garden experience. This all adds to the client’s experience of the work that they have commissioned.