The easy way to straighter teeth

Woman checking teeth

Not everyone has to spend months and months having their teeth straightened. In fact, for most adults the process can be relatively quick because the chances are that if they had serious misalignment issues they would have had them sorted out on the NHS as a child. So, for adults with only mild to moderate misalignments, great options for treatment include Six Month Smiles in Glasgow.

In Glasgow, Six Months Smiles is very popular and affordable for teeth straightening, and various dentists, such as Park Orthodontics, offer this device. It is worth going to a practice that focuses on teeth straightening because even though this device is available from a general dentist, it can often be cheaper and patients can also be sure they are getting good advice from dentists who focus solely on braces.

How Six Month Smiles works

Six Months Smiles in Glasgow uses the same mechanics as traditional bracket and wires braces. However, because these braces focus on straightening the front six teeth in the mouth, the braces can use gentler forces. People are often happy to get only these front teeth aligned because these are the ones that are most on display when people speak and eat.

The brackets are fixed to the teeth at carefully calculated angles. Fine wires are strung through them and these are progressively tightened to produce the force required to pull the teeth into alignment. This is the same for all bracket and wire braces. However, Six Months Smiles can use much gentler forces and this means that the brackets can be much smaller and be made of clear ceramic rather than metal. The wires are finer too and are coated with a tooth-coloured material. This means that the braces blend in with the teeth rather than overshadowing them.

Generally speaking, Six Month Smiles in Glasgowtakes between four and nine months to realign mild to moderate issues. After treatment has been completed, patients can expect to wear a retainer, either at night or bonded to the back of the teeth, for an indefinite period. This keeps the teeth in their new positions.