The Best Fence Material for Florida Homes: Vinyl vs. Aluminum

People call Florida the Sunshine State for a reason. It is a place of yearlong summers, and everyday warmth and beach-readiness. It is no wonder why it remains as one of the country’s most popular local destination for travelers, especially those from the northern states in need of an escape from the cold.

If you live in Florida, you know that here there’s no need to fret over how many layers of clothing you need to wear to keep warm during winter. Fashion is the least of your concerns since you can just go out shirtless any given day.

Here, in this state, your concerns tend toward the more selfless and philosophical variants, such as: what’s the better material offered by fence companies in Florida, given this state’s sunshiny weather?

Yes, you worry about home. And that is cool. Or hot. Now, here’s to answer your query.


Vinyl is not demanding in terms of maintenance. You can also make them look like wood. If you have children in your household, this material is a rather safe option since it does not splinter.

The downside is that vinyl tends to be brittle upon exposure to intensely cold weather, which is of no consequence to you since you’re in Florida.


Being lightweight is perhaps aluminum’s most popular selling point as a fence material. Other than that, it is also corrosion resistant and durable. The most obvious downside of aluminum is that it absorbs heat; therefore, it is highly susceptible to the very specific conditions of Florida’s weather.

Now we have an obvious winner here. Between vinyl and aluminum, you’re better off with the former. But if you’re not completely sold, you can always get wood. In any case, you can talk to a reliable fence company to point you in the right direction.