Technology – Expanding Horizons on All Fronts

woman holding a mobile phoneIt’s an exciting time for technology and its uses in the financial world. This is visible everyday in the news. Algomi is one of the fintech companies at the cutting edge of providing new solutions, new experiences, and new frontiers for traders and the market as a whole.


Technology has to be supportive as well as progressive. Too far ahead and the risk is that the human factor will be lost. It’s about using it to get an edge. There is often a tendency towards paranoia when it comes to technology – will it eventually take over from people?

It’s perhaps better to think of it as a vehicle. The invention of the car means people get places faster and expand their horizons. It doesn’t mean that they lose the ability to walk. Standing on the shoulders of the latest developments provides the opportunity to see even further into the future to stages of evolution not yet imagined.

In the bond trading arena, technology picks up the tasks that are no longer appropriate uses of a skilled trader’s time and automates them. It also provides a failsafe way of ensuring that all the relevant data is used, not just the items that any one person can remember. It can help someone see potential connections without showing their hand.

Algomi News – What Are the Latest Developments?

It’s a sea of information out there. Almost anything people want to know is at their fingertips. The problem now is information overload. Risks loom even larger than before, no political development is unscrutinised, and every market shift explodes into a profusion of analysis. How do you navigate the sea? The latest Algomi news and developments are designed to address just this issue.

This is where programs like Algomi’s Honeycomb, Synchronicity, ALFA, and Euronext Synapse come in. Covering both the buy-side and sell-side, these programs act as hubs for information. They provide a skilful way to explore and secure trades while still leaving the eventual deal in the hands of real people. Championing confidentiality and compliance, they also reflect current priorities in the bond trading market. Collectively, they help to release the logjam caused by too much choice and not enough clear possibilities.