Taking Care of Dental Implants After Surgery

Man quit smoking to take care of his after dental implant surgery

Implant surgery is ideal for people with one or more missing teeth. Despite being a common dental procedure, patients should still be cautious of their implants to prevent infections and speed up the recovery.

If you are an implant surgery patient, here’s how you can take care of your implant after the operation.

Drink plenty of fluids

Cold water and natural fruit juices will help your implant heal faster due to the moist and vitamins they contain. Avoid drinking cola and chocolate drinks as the sugar they contain will only intensify the pain. Hot liquids are bad for your implant as well so skip them for the meantime.

Reduce physical activity

UltraSmile, a practice that offers expert dental implants in East London says that after surgery, patients need at least one week of rest to lessen the bleeding and swelling of the implant. Avoid strenuous activities such as exercising, bending, and lifting heavy items to ensure a faster recovery. Also, be careful when lying down, so you won’t hurt your new operated teeth.

Avoid smoking

We all know the adverse effects of smoking on oral hygiene but do you know that the habit can pose a greater danger to an implant surgery? Apart from delaying recovery, smoking also jeopardises the success of your dental implant. If you are a regular smoker, try to quit the habit for at least 3 to 5 days.

Regular hot compresses

Slight bleeding is a common one to two days after an implant surgery. To reduce occurrences, place a hot compress on the implant at least every four hours. You can use a tea bag soaked in hot water and wrapped in moist gauze for easier application. Other than soothing the pain, this technique controls the bleeding as well.

Good oral hygiene

A successful implant surgery heavily relies on good oral hygiene. Apart from regular brushing and flossing, gargling salt in warm water is also necessary. Also, don’t miss scheduled dental check-ups to ensure the effectiveness of your surgery.

When getting a dental implant, only work with an experienced and trusted practice to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the procedure. The success of an implant surgery highly depends on your dentist and post-surgery care.