Take Control of Diabetes and Prevent Damage to Your Heart

A stethoscope and a sign that reads 'DIABETES'

The latest data and statistics report of the United States Centers for Disease Control & Prevention found that more than 29 million Americans suffer from diabetes. Worse, not every sufferer knows they have it: only three of four are aware.

And this count does not even include the 86 million adults in the US who have already developed prediabetes. The good news is, while you would have to put to take control your diabetes, rest assured that the results are worth it.

Getting a handle on this life-long condition can help prevent a host of complications from setting in. Through the correct treatment plan, such as the incorporation of natural medicine for diabetes in St. George, you can prevent further damages to the heart and blood vessels.

The Risks on Your Heart and Blood Vessels

Failure to take control of your diabetes sets you up for heart and blood vessel diseases. Compared with people who do not suffer from this metabolic disease, your risk of developing heart problems and suffering from a stroke is twice as high.

Diabetes patients also have a greater danger of sustaining damages to their blood vessels and nerves, which can lead to foot problems. In some cases, these complications may already involve amputation. Having diabetes increases your risk of undergoing surgical removal of your toes and feet by up to ten times.

Knowing the Signs of Heart and Blood Vessel Diseases

Some people may not notice any signs that tell them they have a stroke or heart attack because of diabetes. In many cases though, the life-threatening heart and blood vessel diseases exhibit themselves as leg cramps, reduced sensation, and skin color changes.

Diabetes kills, so you should do everything in your power to get it under control. The good news is, proper treatment plans will drastically reduce the risks of complications that may lead to this unwanted outcome.