Roof Replacement: 5 Signs to Watch Out for

Home under repair

Home maintenance is necessary to have a comfortable and safe place to stay. While maintenance can easily be done with things that are visible to the eye, parts of your home that are not seen every day (like your roof) are often neglected. And once you notice it, it’s often too late.

Roofing services in Fairfax County offer different types of services, such as inspection, installation, repairs, and replacements. The big question is when do you know it’s time? Here are the common signs to take notice of:

Old age

Once your roof celebrates its silver year (25 years) it’s pretty much an indication that it’s time to bid adieu and have it replaced.

Abnormal shingles

Curled shingles, missing shingle pieces, and buckling ones are common signs that you need to watch out for. Shingles make up a huge part of the roof and when different parts of your roof have shingle defects, then a greater damage is at risk.

Leaks and light

Whether it’s water leaking or sunlight seeping through your attic, it’s a sign that your roof needs repair or replacement. Holes in the roof should never be present and should immediately be taken care of.

Gutter granules

When you had the roof repaired or installed, granules in your gutter are normal occurrence as these might be excess during the installation. If your roof has been up for years and granules started forming in your gutter, then it’s a sign that replacement is due.

Sagging Roof

Walk far back and see the appearance of your roof. If all of your roof or even a part of it is sagging, then you should call your roofing service provider immediately.

Be an observant homeowner, go out and inspect your roof and do the necessary repairs as early as possible.