Road Trip Essentials You Should Not Leave Without

Taking a road trip in Sydney? There are things you should know and should bring when going on one tour. First, are you going to drive or just opt for a Sydney minibus hire like the ones provided by Concord Coaches? Whatever is your choice, get ready for the road trip of your life.

Below is a list of some essentials that you should know and have on your road trip.

Food and drinks

Your mantra on the road trip should be “eat, drink, drive and repeat”. The last thing you would want is to be stuck in the middle of nowhere, with no restaurants or shops in sight, and the next store miles away. It, therefore, makes sense to pack some snacks and drinks for these moments.

Carry water and other drinks, but avoid alcoholic beverages. Remember it is illegal to drink and drive; you would not want your trip cut short due to a reckless mistake.

A phone that has GPS

Ensure that you have a data plan loaded in case you need the internet on the road. Ensure you have downloaded travel applications on your phone because you never know when you will get lost.

In addition to relying on the phone’s maps, you can also carry a physical map to act as a hedge against any technological issues you might come across.


While on the road, you will need something to pass the time. And what better way to pass the time on the road than singing along to your favourite tunes. Download a good road trip mix that will appeal to all the passengers.

Aside from music, you can also play games that do not require technology like “I Spy.” Try out other games similar to this. What is important is you play as a family, but do not include the driver.

Also, do not forget to pack toiletries; you never know when you have to go. The best part of a road trip is having to spend time with friends and family. With these essentials, you are ready to make lasting memories with your loved ones.