Restoring full function with dental implants

Kid being checked by the dentist

Dental implants in Hampshirehave been hailed as people’s first choice for tooth replacement. This is because they give people back the full functionality of the lost tooth by replacing not only the crown but the root of the tooth as well. Dental implants in Hampshiresolve the problems created by loose-fitting dentures, restoring people’s freedom of choice around food, and giving them back clarity of speech.

However, the cost of replacing every lost tooth with its own implant can be prohibitive (32 teeth at over £1,000 per implant is a lot of money).Many people who’d love to get back the full functionality of their mouths have had to stick with dentures, avoid delicious foods, and endure whistles and clicks when they speak. It no longer needs to be this way. There is an implant procedure that combines the best of both dentures and dental implants in Hampshire. Denture stabilisation marries dental implants and dentures and is available from experienced implant surgeons such as those at Dental Implants Hampshire.

Here’s how denture stabilisation works: between four and six implants are inserted into the upper or lower jawbone to give the dentures a secure base without the need to provide every single tooth crown with its own root. The dentures still come out at night, but during the day, they no longer have to rely on suction to the gums to stay put.

How denture stabilisation surgery works

The patient is given local anaesthetic, as well as sedation if they are very anxious, and then the implant surgeoninserts mini dental implants into the jaw straight through the gums. Normally, they have to open up the gum and drill a hole for each implant, but these implants are much smaller and easier to insert.

The implants are fitted with an abutment and a bar or a ball that the dentures snap on to. The dentures fix onto the bar or ball. Patients can get new dentures or have their old ones customised.The now stable dentures can be used to eat all sorts of foods that were once off the menu, and all danger of the dentures sliding out of the mouth is gone.