Reasons Why You Should Aerate Your Lawn

Clean and green lawn

Although some people have their lawn mowed regularly, they still find that the lawn looks dull.  This dullness results from the fact that the soil gets compacted due to the stress that it gets from foot traffic. When the soil is not aerated, the grass will eventually start changing color and go dry. When this happens, you should want to have professional lawn mowing services in Minneapolis, Minnesota aerate your lawn. Here are some of the benefits you should expect resulting from the aeration.

Improve nutrient absorption

Your lawn needs enough nutrients for it to thrive. However, compacted soil makes it impossible for the nutrients to get to the roots of the grass. When you aerate your lawn, you will be creating a clear pathway for the nutrients to get into the roots.

Eliminate lawn puddles

Lawn puddles are a clear indication that your lawn needs aeration. You might notice that these puddles form after raining or once you water your lawn. The puddles form because the soil doesn’t have enough air spaces to allow the absorption of water. It is advisable to aerate your lawn regularly, so puddles will not form. Your lawn is bound to thrive as long as it gets enough water at its roots.

Aeration removes thatch

Thatch, which can easily be mistaken as soil, is a dark brown felt-like material that occurs between the base of the grass and the soil. It results from the introduction of high amounts of water-soluble nitrogen through excessive watering. Thatch lowers the capacity of the soil to absorb nutrients and water. You can eliminate thatch through aeration.

Aerating your lawn is equally vital as mowing it. Both practices result in a healthy lawn. Consequently, you will achieve the visual appeal that you expect from your lawn.