Product Photography: 4 Tips for Capturing Great Images for Your Store

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Product photos are vital when conducting e-commerce. As customers can’t touch your products, they rely on what they see. Of course, nothing represents a product better than quality images. As most consumers like to shop fast, they will take any shortcut available.

Therefore, your photos are responsible for both conversion and consumer retention rates. E-commerce photo retouching goes a long way in making sure that your photos are captivating, but you can only achieve much if the pictures are of quality. Use the following tips to capture great images for your store:

Use proper lighting

Lighting is crucial when it comes to taking a product photo. It determines the brightness, mood, and tone of your picture. Use multiple sources of light to kill shadows and ensure that both the product and the rest of the photo are well lit.

Stabilize your camera

It’s challenging to shoot clear and sharp photos if your camera is not stable, especially under averagely lit conditions. To achieve stability, you’ll need to use a tripod. Alternatively, place your camera on an even and sturdy surface to enhance camera stability. If you need to adjust the height, a pile of books or blocks will do the trick.

Use a white backdrop

Setting up a white backdrop will reflect light back onto your product, making it more visible as opposed to a dull-colored backdrop. Doing so will help you get the right contrast while shooting. As a result, it will be easier to edit your photo.

Invest in a good camera

To capture captivating photos, you need a good camera. Luckily, “good” doesn’t have to be expensive. As cameras have evolved, so as their price. The most popular camera has been the digital single-lens reflex (DSLR). If you can’t invest in one, get a smartphone with quality camera features.

Capturing great products for your store is an important step towards achieving a higher conversion rate for your business. Fall in love with the photographing process, so the retouching and editing are also easy. This way, your clients will, in turn, love what they see.