Prevention is Key with the Dentist in Alexandria

dentist and patient checking an x-ray

Although dental research and development has made great leaps and strides over the past couple of decades and it is now possible to restore teeth to their former glory like never before, prevention is the watchword of the dentist in Alexandria these days. In the past, dentistry and medicine tended to have a ‘whip ‘em out’ attitude. Anyone who got tonsillitis would quickly find themselves in hospital eating ice cream after a tonsillectomy. And many people would have all their teeth removed when they were 21 or 30, and get them replaced with a full set of dentures.

Thankfully, the attitude has shifted from wholesale removal to one of ‘teeth for life’. This driving ethos means at the dentist in Alexandria, the focus is always on doing whatever is possible to let people keep their own teeth for as long as possible, hopefully until they go to meet their maker. Various dentists in this Sydney suburb have this ethos, including Healthy Smile Centre.

It Starts When People are Young

Part of the ‘teeth for life’ ethos is getting people habituated to coming to the dentist for regular check-ups and sessions with the hygienist. Parents are encouraged to bring their children along from as young as possible. Babies can come along to their parents’ and siblings’ appointments, and can start having check-ups from when their first baby teeth come through.

The hygienist can teach youngsters the best ways to

Check-Ups and Cleanings

Even as adults, it is vitally important to come for a check-up with the dentist in Alexandria twice a year. This is the dentist’s opportunity to pick up on any issues before they really get going. Dentists can spot decay and gum disease way before the patient becomes aware of them, and deal with them before the concern becomes a real problem.