Pool Disaster Prevention: Safety Products That Keep You Safe

Child playing near a pool

Application of safe practices and precaution, combined with the use of common sense can keep pool users and chemical applicators safe from dangers. Swimming pool safety is an issue taken care of by pool and spa professionals, their associates, trade governments, and pool safety advocacy organizations.

Adult supervision is by far the most common form of swimming pool safety. However, Dolphin Pools & Spas notes that you might not always be around your home hence, leaving your children in danger.

This is where additional pool safety features come in handy. Discuss with your pool builder in Utah to see what will work best for you. Here are your options.

1. Portable Pool Fences

If you do not want to install a permanent pool fence, then this is the next option you have. It gives you the flexibility of having an open or closed pool when you want to. It is ideal for keeping children and pets away from the pool when you are not supervising.

However, before purchasing this fence type, check with your local laws whether they demand a fence around your pool at all times.

2. Pool Covers

Keeping your swimming pool covered sustains not only its cleanliness but also maximizes safety. They come in both hard and soft options that can withstand human body weight.

The recommended threshold is one that can carry up to 4000 pounds. They come with a cover such that kids cannot get under or over them into the pool.

3. Pool Nets

If a fence and pool covers are an expensive option for you, then a pool net is a better option. The woven hammock-like piece goes over your pool offering protection to anyone and anything that might fall into the pool. The net holes are large enough for critters and dirt to go through, but not a toddler.

The bottom line is this: If you own a pool, you require every safety precaution necessary to keep the people in and around it safe. Consultations with pool constructors will go a long way in getting as much protection as possible.