Observing the Dental Health of Your Children

a boy visits the dentist

The amount of care given to the dental health of your kids has an influence on their dental health for the rest of their lives. Children love to eat anything and everything; if you allow them to do so without teaching them proper oral hygiene, their oral health will suffer. They may be forced to use dentures for the rest of their lives.

Instead of allowing your kids’ oral health deteriorate, help them take care of it.

The Emergence of Permanent Teeth

When children reach the age of six, their permanent teeth start to grow. Permanent teeth replace their baby ones, which result in pearly whites growing out of their gums. The whole process can be foreign to your child. Affirm them by booking an appointment with a children’s dentist in Salt Lake City, who will subdue their fears and offer professional assistance.


Children are known to be playful in nature. Sometimes, kids tend to take part in activities that may result in physical injuries, such as bleeding gums and cracked teeth. One way of protecting them against such injuries is to dress them in protective gear. Mouth guards provide protection to both teeth and lips preventing. These appliances minimize the extent of injuries sustained in case of an accident.

Diet Monitoring

Sweets such as cookies and chocolate bars contain a lot of sugars. They result in tooth decay and cavities. Always ensure that your kids brush their teeth after taking sugary foods. A proper diet also improves dental health. Foods such as milk and leafy greens contain sufficient amounts of calcium and phosphorous, which strengthen their teeth.

Encouraging brushing:

Children are attracted to sweet things. The taste of normal toothpaste, therefore, discourages them against regular brushing of teeth. Take your kids to a nearby store and let them select a fancy toothbrush that they like. Also, look for special kinds of toothpaste that are made for children. These types of toothpaste are sweetened to remove their bitter taste.

As the parent, it is your responsibility to monitor the dental health of your children. Be present when they brush their teeth to ensure they do it correctly. Also, bring them to dental checkups regularly.