No Worries with a Fibreglass Pool

Kid on a swimming pool

Many homeowners considering a pool often skip the idea of installation mainly because of the associated costs. Some, on the other hand, are worried about the maintenance needed of keeping the pool looking clean. If you have the same concerns, here’s some benefits of why fibreglass pools are the way to go.

There is one great option that is better in most aspects than other types of pools. Fibreglass pools are gaining popularity because of the many benefits they offer.

While both concrete and fibreglass pools may have the same cost initially, the former cost much more in the long term. In fact, concrete pools require the most maintenance of most pool types. Small pool companies in Perth share other reasons to choose fibreglass pools.

Quick installation.

Builders can complete a fibreglass pool installation in just a few weeks (one or two). This means less stress or disturbance for you, your family and the neighbours. Concrete pools, on the other hand, will take several weeks or months to finish.

Eco-friendly option.

The quick and easy installation indicates fewer pollutants in the process. Such pools also require fewer chemicals to keep the water clean. Fibreglass, furthermore, is a great insulator, needing less energy to heat the pool.

Easy to care for.

Most swimming pools require a lot of work. This is not necessarily true for a fibreglass pool, its non-porous surface makes it much harder for algae and bacteria to grow and invade the pool. This makes it easier and more affordable to keep clean and healthy.

Less ongoing maintenance.

Quality fibreglass pool will not need resurfacing over the years, which is a requirement for concrete and vinyl liner pools. All you have to do is follow the manufacturer’s instruction regarding basic care to keep the pool in great condition.

Durable pool material.

Fibreglass is durable enough to deal with different elements over the years, while also being soft and flexible at the same time.

With the versatility of fibreglass pools, there is no reason to think twice about installing one. Contact a reliable pool company or manufacturer today to find out more about fibreglass pools.