Moving on from a Divorce with a Positive Mindset

a woman going through divorce phase

Utah is one of the top five happiest states in the United States. This may be the case, but still, not all marriages survive. Sometimes, divorce is the best course of action for couples, financially and emotionally.

Still, feelings of guilt may run rampant while going through the process. “Divorce proceedings are frequently characterized by animosity and can be emotionally taxing,” explains Utah-based law firm Kelly & Bramwell, P.C. If you want to push through with the divorce but don’t know how to deal with the feelings involved in the process, remember the following:

Now Is Not the Time to be Alone

You file for a divorce in Utah, and then what? You’re losing your spouse and your family may be split in two. Does it mean you’ll be left all alone? That will only happen if you let it. In this difficult time, you need your friends and extended family the most. Someone who has gone through the same thing can be a good shoulder to lean on. Don’t close yourself off to people who want to help. Acknowledge that you need them around.

Learn to Talk to Your Ex with Respect

Your future happiness relies on how you close this chapter of your life. When you hold on to those residual feelings of hate and guilt, you will not be able to move forward as openly as you want to. Worse things may also happen, as shown by studies about alarming suicide rates in divorced individuals. It helps to learn to communicate with your former spouse with respect, especially if you are co-parenting your children. Even if you do not have children, there is a chance you will cross paths again, so it’s best not to burn that bridge completely.

Open Yourself up to the World

It’s not that you have been caged while you were married, but you had different priorities. Now that you’re single, you can find some time to rediscover yourself. Many do not realize how little they are investing in themselves during a marriage, and it leads to unhappiness. Giving yourself back that sense of purpose will help you do better in a new relationship–which, by the way, you won’t find if you don’t allow yourself to love again.

No matter how hurt you feel right now, remember that the pain will come to pass. But don’t wait it out. Face your fears and move forward, even if you have to do it slowly.