Marketing Developments You Need to Keep Up With

Business woman checking her phone

The world of marketing always changes to bring about improvements to the practice and the industry. As a business owner, you need to stay on top of these changes to leverage them for your company’s success.

Do you know the developments that you can explore in the second half of 2017? One involves location based marketing, and the other includes significant Google algorithm updates.

Shift to Location-Based Technology

In taking a look at leading brands around the world, we find that these names have allotted a quarter of their marketing budgets to location based advertising which identifies target markets, Singtel Media points out. More than 50 per cent of brands also use location-based data to improve conversions. They use targeted data in mobile search or ads to lead consumers to purchase from their physical stores.

These developments came after findings in 2016 that forecast the rise in usage of location based marketing in many countries this year — the increase amounts to 3 per cent here in Singapore. Executives have also seen the potential of location based marketing and are willing to invest in it. Even non-marketing enterprises will increasingly rely on location based technology.

Google Algorithm Updates

Besides location based marketing, search engine marketing remains an essential component of any marketing plan. Google has made recent updates to its algorithm that your marketing team needs to keep up with. For one, you can revisit AdWords and restart your SERP ads. The SERP has changed slightly but significantly that allow more opportunities for brand exposure.

Have you optimized your website for mobile yet? You can optimize it now if you still haven’t. Google has announced new changes that will separate mobile-optimized sites from non-optimized sites into two indices in its page index. At the same time, Google said the mobile-optimized index would be updated more often than the non-optimized one.

These developments spell the need for you to improve your company’s marketing strategy. A marketing solutions agency here in Singapore will be able to help you with such improvements.