Make a Good First Impression With These Vital Reception Area Elements

a clean and cozy reception area of an office

As the famous saying goes, “the first impression lasts.” Another person’s opinion of you the first time you meet makes such a huge impact that the first impression is sometimes more memorable than the fact.

This is the reason businesses need to invest in a reception area that wows. Potential clients and business partners first get a sense of who you are as a business owner based on what they’ll see the moment they enter your office building. They’re likely to spend only a few minutes in your reception area, so you better make that first impression count. Below are four elements of a reception area that will make your clients feel welcome and comfortable to do business with you.

Welcoming Receptionist’s Desk

The receptionist’s desk is a vital element for every company. It’s where your clients first encounter an employee and start forming an opinion about your business.

A sign bearing the name or logo of your company should be present behind the desk. Consider placing business cards and brochures, too, so visitors could easily contact you in the future. The desk itself needs to be clean and organized, reflecting your company’s spotless record.

Stylish and Comfortable Seats

When choosing the seating option, always keep in mind the comfort of your guests. It’s best to opt for a single, padded couch with a comfortable back and armrests. When guests sit on the chair, their knees should be bent in a 90-degree angle, and their feet should touch the floor.

Apart from that, it’s important to remember that your reception area will see a lot of traffic. With this in mind, you should consider having the seats upholstered to protect them from wear and tear. Take into consideration the aesthetics of the seats, too. You wouldn’t want to sacrifice style for comfort completely.

Durable and Attractive Flooring

Like mentioned earlier, the reception area gets a lot of foot traffic, so the right type of flooring is crucial to the overall feel and functionality of the space. The best action is to invest in a cost-effective flooring option that’s both beautiful and durable.

Atlantic Concrete Design, a flooring company, suggests epoxy flooring. Epoxy floorings can withstand heavy foot traffic, have anti-microbial properties, and will not cost you an arm and a leg. Add a homey feel by incorporating area rugs that will cover where the seats and coffee table are.

Tasteful Ornaments and Accents

While the big details such as the floor and the seating are the fundamentals of a great reception area, you shouldn’t be remiss on adding ornaments and decor. Start by placing indoor plants in strategic places like in the middle of a coffee table and on at least one corner of the room. Incorporating plants into your reception area’s interior design softens the room’s sharp angles while filling the walls’ empty spaces.

Instead of boring paintings, you can hang a TV screen on a wall turned into a news channel. This gives the impression that the company gives importance to current events.

The reception area communicates the company’s aesthetic and culture. Whatever your business values, it’s crucial that that’s reflected in a room that your clients wait in before they meet you. Ace the reception area’s design, then meet the client with charm and professionalism, and you have a perfect recipe for a long-lasting partnership.