Interesting Facts About Third Molars and Root Canal Therapy

Woman receiving a root canal treatment

There are many different types of teeth and dentists must know about these variations to provide proper treatment. The third molar, or wisdom tooth, has variable anatomical characteristics and some even have five roots.

What makes them even more interesting is that they can cause trouble especially when they have atypical features.

Wisdom toothache

A toothache is already bothersome, but the pain from impingement due to a failure of a third molar to erupt is a different kind of pain. Pressure on the third molar area, such as during chewing may be intense, and it is not strange to see abscess. When there is swelling, it can spread to the cheek and the jaw.

Moreover, extreme sensitivity accompanies it, and the sensitivity reaction often persists even after the stimulus (hot or cold drink) is not present anymore. Spontaneous severe pain is a symptom as well, and it may come with a severe headache.

Failure of localization and a badly damaged wisdom tooth may be causes for removal. A painful and infected third molar, with symptoms that persist, is a candidate for dental management.

Getting rid of the pain

Root canal therapy or RCT usually has a good prognosis, and it is a widely structured procedure. An experienced dentist must perform the procedure. Local anesthesia is often necessary. RCT is also prophylaxis for prevention of complications.

Endodontics specialists can utilize the treatment procedure and perform the necessary preparation as a maintenance tool for third molar related issues. A root canal performed in Manteca from dental offices such as Smile Designs Dentistry saves a damaged tooth.

Sometimes, the dentist decides not to extract third molars, and this is the best option when there is an infection. Severe damage is a primary contraindication when dentists do not remove third molars.

You should remove about 85% of third molars based on the assessment of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons. When there is a problem with your third molar, it is best to consult the best dentist you can find.