Interested to Join a Clinical Trial? Here’s What to Expect

Man doing clinical trial on his laptop

The idea of joining a clinical trial may be intimidating for some, but it could prove to be a surprising experience for those who take part in it. Not only are you helping move science forward, but you are also helping others or fellow patients find a better cure for a particular illness.

However, despite being a willing volunteer, not everyone will make it through the before clinical trial phase. Clinical trials are a rigorous process, which means a lot of screening and preparation goes into it, especially when it comes to the participants. Moreover, each clinical trial, i.e., for conjunctivitis, needs a sponsor who will take responsibility for its management or financing.

Inclusion and exclusion criteria

According to clinical trial resource website Center Watch, participants are allowed to join a clinical trial or experiment depending on the inclusion criteria set by the researchers. As its name suggests, the inclusion criteria are qualities that allow a volunteer to participate; the exclusion criteria, meanwhile, are qualities that prevent them from participating.

Center Watch notes that a volunteer’s medical history, state of health, and even age, gender or ethnicity are considered. Applicants for the clinical trial are then filtered based on such qualities that will allow their safe participation in the study.

Things to bear in mind

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Research & Development advises volunteers to weigh the pros and cons of a clinical trial before participating in one. After all, clinical trials take years or even decades, and they may affect your lifestyle, livelihood, and budget as well, whether indirectly or not. This is why would-be participants should take some moment to look thoroughly at the goals of the study, the length of the trial, as well as its side effects to be able to prepare accordingly.

Volunteering to participate in a clinical research is a great thing to do. After all, without volunteers, a clinical trial would not be possible.