Improving School Security in Three Levels

There’s no need to sweep the issue under the rug. Now more than ever, we need to protect our children. When they are at school, they should focus on learning. They should not have to worry about their safety, and parents should be at ease that they will come home in one piece.

Each school should improve security through these measures:

Setting up a Perimeter Fence

The most important addition to your school is something that is prominently seen outside the building. This is the security fence, which wards off anyone who might be planning something untoward. Metal security fencing makes it harder for a wrongdoer to escape. It also directs people towards the allowable points of entry and exit, so you can control who comes and goes. Position security cameras near these parts to get a record of the faces that visit the school.

Practicing an Emergency Plan

Students and teachers need to be aware of what to do during an emergency. This is as important as any fire or earthquake drill. Evacuation plans help people remain calm, and if they all know where to go, it will be easier for authorities to get a head count. Make sure everyone takes the emergency plan seriously, and inform parents of the drill, too. The school could also set up an emergency number to call, so children and parents know where to turn to for help.

Watching Each Other’s Back

Your emergency exit plan could include a buddy system to help the kids get to safety. This means watching out for their partner. In case someone causes a scene that scatters the children, having a designated person looking for a specific child lowers the chances of any of them getting lost.

It’s the school’s responsibility to educate children. Learning should be done in a safe environment, so keep these security measures in mind.