How to Select a Carpet for Every Space in your Home

Carpets help in setting the tone for an entire room. However, choosing the right carpeting isn’t easy, especially if you’re looking to use carpets in different areas in your home. To help you out, here are some basic guidelines for picking the right carpet for your lounge, bedroom, and entryway.

In the Lounge

Your lounge is where you could the most creative because this is where you could showcase your aesthetic. However, although you could pretty much choose any carpet option for your lounge, your carpet should not be the room’s dominant feature, unless that’s the feel you’re looking to create. Otherwise, think of it as an essential component of the overall room scheme.

If you’re not particularly in love about the flooring in your lounge, consider wall-to-wall carpeting or perhaps Milliken carpet tiles, suggests FLR Group, a carpet specialist in the UK. If your lounge endures moderate to high foot traffic daily, consider wool pile because it’s much easier to clean than nylon, cotton, or silk.

In the Bedroom

Your bedroom carpet must establish the space as a peaceful and quiet retreat, so it’s conducive to rest and sleep. This does not mean however that you can’t use dark coloured carpeting, because if dark colours make you feel restful and calm, then you should go for it.

You should, however, avoid overly bold and loud patterns that might disrupt the tranquil environment you’re trying to create. Stick to silk, wool, or cotton and refrain from using vinyl carpets since these sometimes feature metal threads.

Likewise, consider going big because wall-to-wall carpeting would make your room much quieter and softer and would aid in cancelling noise from outside.

In the Entryway

Your entryway carpet should ideally set the entire tone for all the surrounding spaces because it gives people the sense of what’s to come. Aside from choosing a carpet that showcases your home’s aesthetic, make certain that it’s extremely durable especially if you allow shoes inside your home.

There’s a carpet out there for every room in your home; you just need to pick the right one based on its specific requirements. You also don’t necessarily have to follow the guidelines above if you don’t like them, you could bend or break the rules as you see fit to let your unique personality shine through.