How Much Do Funerals Cost on Average?

A man carrying a casket

Funeral expenses are not one of those that you would want to plan for. But, Aaron’s Mortuary & Crematory, a top provider of affordable funeral plans in Layton, tells us that it helps to think of your funeral expenses this early.

The Basic Costs

The primary things that you need to pay for when death comes to a loved one include:

  • Embalming fee
  • Casket or coffin
  • Transfer of remains
  • Viewing and burial
  • Hearse rental
  • Memorial ceremony
  • Interment
  • Professional costs

All these amount to $7,000 on average, depending on how modest or lavish you want your entire funeral to be.

Caskets and coffins can set you back for as much as $217,000. The Malaysian 14-karat gold coffin, which was part of a coffin exhibit in Kuala Lumpur, costs that much because it was made entirely of gold. Then again, there are also cheap options, which only cost a few dollars or more if you decide to go for an affordable funeral. It all depends on your decisions.

Other Costs

Funeral expenses do not end in the viewing, burial, and interment alone. You will also need additional costs for the guests’ refreshments. At times, you even need to book a catering service that will provide food and beverage for those who come over to pay their last respects. This could boost your expenses by a few hundred dollars, depending again on your choice.

The other extra expenses include special clothing, transportation, meal and lodging around the time of the funeral, and others. When you add up those extra costs to the basic costs, the result could amount to at least $10,000 total.

With such a huge amount required for a funeral service, it is but wise that you do pre-planning — whether for yourself or for the ones you love. It helps to be ready.