How Local SEO Benefits Small Businesses

Concept art of SEO on a computer screen

Many small businesses have bought into the idea that the only way to become competitive is to focus on the global market. While it is true that the Internet has leveled the playing field, it does not mean you should forget about the home advantage. There is nothing wrong with focusing on your local community with local search engine optimization or SEO.

You can clean up nicely if you invest in local SEO for small businesses in Denver. Read on to find out more about this effective business strategy.

People like to search online

It is not enough to be the corner bakeshop or local haberdasher and hope that people will see you. You must have an online presence because most people today like to do a search before going out. Google reports that 46% of all searches are location specific. Statistics show that 60% of adults look for local products and 78% of these result in an offline purchase.

A survey also shows that 71% of people look up a local business and confirm the address before going to it for the first time. If your site has options to get directions or to make a call, 68% of visitors will use them.
People still go shopping

Despite the increasing number of people who buy stuff online, many consumers still go to brick-and-mortar shops. Groceries, shoes, clothes, and big-ticket items get the personal treatment. The same is true for local services, such as haircuts, massage, and appliance repairs. Naturally, people will not want to go too far. If you have a small business nearby, they are more likely to go to you if they can find you online.

About half of the people that make a search online go to a local business within the day. About 18% of those searches end up in a sale.

People do it all the time

If you are wondering if you can justify the cost of local SEO, consider that 58% of people make a local search every day. Not only that, but 89% make a local search every week. It would make sense to keep your site optimized for local searches in your area. You can do this by uploading SEO articles or announcements at least once a week.

If you want your small business to succeed in today’s market, you need to establish and increase your online presence. You can stay competitive by focusing on your local community. Investing in local SEO is a smart move.