How Fast is Australia’s Internet Download Speed?

Australia’s Internet download speed has fallen behind several other countries, as it ranked 55th worldwide, according to new data from

On the other hand, Singapore emerged with the fastest download speed of 55.13 megabytes per second (Mbps). To illustrate this, those in the city-state can likely download a 7.5-gigabyte movie in less than 20 minutes.

Sinking Connection

Australia’s mean download speed only reached 7.7Mbps, according to the data. This led the country to have a slower Internet connection compared to the Bahamas, Cyprus, Estonia, Kenya, Thailand and the U.K.

A growing population in Australia could be one factor for the slower download speed, according to Thas Nirmalathas, director of the Melbourne Networked Society Institute. Still, Nirmalathas cited Internet service providers’ failure to align their investments from those of the National Broadband Network as a major reason.

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National Broadband Network

Nirmalathas said that if Australia fails to hasten the launch of a National Broadband Network, it will continue to rank behind in terms of Internet speed. On the other hand, the statistics should only serve as a guide since the country’s population is rather large.

Thus, a comparison to other nations with a smaller population such as Singapore could be similar to comparing apples and oranges, according to Nirmalathas. The data used 63 million tests of broadband speeds worldwide to determine the rankings.


Internet service providers in Australia should invest more to upgrade infrastructure since it is rather surprising for a first-world country to have a slow download speed.