How Can Your Bed Make You Sick?

It’s not fair to consider your home as a personal bubble. After all, microbes are everywhere — in every nook and cranny of your house. This can be so unhygienic, dirty, and teeming with harmful microorganisms that can make you sick. Many areas of the house are prone to bacteria, fungi, and viruses. One of these is the bedroom. Here’s how it can make you sick:

1. The Critters That Lie About

Contrary to popular belief, critters like bedbugs don’t just lounge on the bed. They’re more comfortable in the bedroom. And where will you find them? They can be inside your pillows, under the box springs, or on the mattresses. Bedsheets and comforters, for example, are warm and can accumulate moisture, which they like.

So far, there’s no known disease associated with bedbugs. The problem is they can bite. When they do, the spot becomes itchy and could leave red spots on the skin. Itching can also leave wounds or break the skin, making you susceptible to infection.

2. The Grossness of Dust Mites

It turns out that it’s not only the bedbugs that like get cozy on your bed — dust mites do, too. Dust mites are not bedbugs. Rather, they are microscopic spiders that feed not on dead skin cells. Although you can’t see them, these cells are abundant on your bedding. In fact, you shed 1/2 ounce of your skin each week. Once the dust mites are on your bed, they can reproduce and grow to as many as 10 million. These mites can leave fecal matter and people could develop allergic reactions or inflammation to it, triggering eczema and asthma.

It’s necessary to clean your bed and sheets regularly, but noted that you can also invest in a bamboo comforter. Bamboo has special properties that make it unappealing to both pests. As a bonus, it’s one of the softest and most luxurious home products in the world. It definitely guarantees a fantastic, healthy, and uninterrupted sleep.

Your favorite part in your bedroom could be hiding a dirty little secret — literally. Before anything else, make sure that your bed is as clean as possible.