Getting the Smile Back up to Scratch

Woman that undergone cosmetic dentistry

Sometimes when people come to get lost teeth replaced, the dentist sees that it’s not just a few dental implants that are needed. If the patient is going to be proud of their smile once more, they are going to need cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh.

This sounds like an indulgence but in fact having cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh can make smiles beautiful again and, at the same time, transform how people feel about themselves. It’s hard for people with good teeth to imagine living with awful teeth for so long that it becomes habitual to go through life with their mouths clamped closed; to find ways to avoid going to parties, or business meetings, or meeting anyone at all. This is what happens to people who are ashamed of their awful teeth; their shame makes them isolated and lonely. So, even though cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh is all about making the teeth look good, having good-looking teeth than open a world of doors and elevate people out of loneliness and depression.


When teeth have been missing for a while, the ones that remain could well have shifted from their original positions. Those next to the gap can start to tilt into it and can even come loose and fall out. So, treatment might well start with cosmetic braces to put everything back where it should be and make room for the dental implants.


It could be that some teeth are pretty awful to look at, stained or broken, but not beyond redemption. They can be made to look good by covering them with crowns, which are great for teeth that still have healthy roots.


These are great for teeth that are chipped and cracked or stained but, on the whole, pretty much intact. Veneers go over the front of the teeth and are cemented into place. Looked after, they can last for at least 10 years.

Teeth whitening

Surface stains can be gently removed with a gel containing hydrogen peroxide. Patients can choose what shade of white to go for, but any restorations must be made to match whitened teeth, not vice versa, as dental porcelain does not bleach.