Flat Roof Restoration Systems: The 3 Kinds

Roof restoration in progress

The roof is your building’s most crucial part. It is also the most exposed part to damage from various weather elements. Among the most affected types of roofs by water ponding is a flat roof because of its orientation.

Ponding typically leads to leaks, which can cause massive water damage to the roof’s structural components, and your building’s interior. Rather than replace your whole roof, there are restoration systems a flat roof repair specialist in Utah can recommend. Here are the three types of roof restoration systems.

Acrylic Systems

These are seamless, fully adhered coating systems, which deliver optimal reinforcement over your entire roof. Acrylic systems provide resistance to water ponding and plasticizer migration. They are applied over concrete, and asphalt flat roofs. Some of them have additives for protection from mold and algae growth on your roof.

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Systems

These systems are used with acrylic coatings. They combine the long-lasting waterproofing nature of SPF with the high-performance of acrylic. They deliver high impact strength, eliminate water ponding, and provide insulation by reflecting sunrays. SPF systems are ideal for concrete, asphalt, wood, and metal roofs.

Silicone Systems

This is the eco-sustainable solution to flat roof issues since it contains a very low VOC content. Some silicone restoration systems have self-splashing SPF for insulation and slope while others have a roof primer to enhance their adhesion. Most silicone systems are reflective, saving you on indoor cooling costs since they reflect sun rays. The seamless nature of silicone roof restoration systems will also reduce ongoing roof maintenance costs. The systems are ideal for concrete, asphalt, and metal flat roofs.

The above systems provide a superior, cheaper and durable alternative to flat roof issues compared to replacement. The primary determinant of the best method of repairing your roof is your roof’s material. There is hence no reason for you to endure roof issues while waiting to get money for a new roof.