Five Perks of Being a Weatherboard Home Dweller

Two weatherboard homes

There is no denying the charm of weatherboard homes, be it in the form of a cottage in a Wellington dairy farm or a bungalow along an Auckland suburban street. Versatile, easy to maintain and visually pleasing, they have become welcome fixtures in both rural and urban neighbourhoods in New Zealand and other parts of the world.

A Board by Any Other Name

Weatherboard is a type of exterior cladding made of neatly installed rows of planks of wood or other wall building materials. They traditionally comprise timber, but manufacturers now make modern weatherboards out of materials such as aluminium, vinyl, fibre-cement and even metal. With new materials that vary in durability, weather-proofing, and flexibility, weatherboard cladding is now also used in commercial and industrial buildings.

Perks of Being a Weatherboard Home Dweller

Whether for new construction, restoration works or expansion projects, weatherboard homes give you more bang for your building buck. Here’s why:

1. Calming, therapeutic effect. Their rhythmic pattern and calming earthy texture are perfect for that cup of tea in the arvo.

2. Saves on home maintenance costs. They are easy to clean and looks new in an instant with fresh coats of paint.

3. Home makeover faerie. The brick and cement used in old homes don’t blend well with the modern types. That isn’t the case with weatherboard cladding.

4. Climate-flexible. Different weatherboard materials endure different climates and can adjust to indoor and outdoor temperature.

5. Let’s out your inner architect. You can build unique home exteriors by experimenting with different weatherboard cladding profiles. These include vertical, horizontal, or a combination to create traditional, classic or artsy looks.

While having your own weatherboard home is fun and easy, always choose a trusted weatherboard specialist who promises to meet the requirements of the New Zealand Building Code.

With good design and a bit of artistry, you and your family can have a beautiful weatherboard home to last you decades of pleasant, cosy living.