First Things First: What You Should Do on Your First Days in a New State

Men bringing boxes down from truck

Everybody knows moving can be very stressful. And, it can be even more so if you are moving to another state. There is much more work that goes into the planning and logistics of your move. There is also the fact that you will be leaving a familiar lifestyle behind, in place of an entirely new one – which, while exciting, can also be daunting. Plus, if you have kids, you will need to prepare them, too, for the period of adjustment.

These are only some of the few things to consider when moving interstate, according to Colonial Van Lines: renting a long distance moving truck, packing, and storage. Apart from these, you should also research the state tax laws so you can budget accordingly and check with your new state’s local DMV regarding your driver’s license and vehicle registration.

Afterwards, once you finally get to your new home, don’t stress out. Take it one step at a time.

Get Some Rest

It has been a long travel time – whether by air or by land. And, after all those days of packing and researching, you deserve a good rest. You can take a nap, stroll in the park, or go to a local café. You need this relaxation for the unpacking and other activities yet to come.

Start Unpacking

Unpacking can be as stressful as packing, but don’t fret. Start with the things you need to use immediately, like kitchen utensils, pot, pans, and cups. Next put the bedroom together, and organize your closet. Of course, don’t forget the toiletries – these are really important. Garage and furniture can wait. Again, prioritize according to importance.

Ask Real People

Sure, the internet is helpful in researching the place to which you have relocated. But there’s nothing like talking to real people to get a feel of the place. You can ask your neighbor about the venues to go to for a good meal or for some recommended sites. You can ask them for the best directions to go from point A to point B. Don’t hesitate to ask around as this can help you make new friends, too. In addition, if you have kids, this will help them socialize with new faces.

Relocating to a new state is not as overwhelming as it may seem. You may just need time for adjustment, but soon enough, you settle in and begin to enjoy the new chapter of your life.