Expand Your Horizons at Townsville or Cairns

Happy family moved to Townsville

Make your dreams a reality at Townsville and Cairns with houses designed for your present comfort and future growth. Dreams may not last, but you can certainly build something close to your vision of paradise.

Dream house, a new home

Whether you have a starting family, looking for a new house, or are looking forward to living out your remaining years in comfort and security, our company can provide you with affordable resources and services to make your visions a reality. As top home-builders in Townsville and Cairns, new homes are built in partnership with clients to deliver well-made houses designed to last.

Wonderful Landscapes

Living in the laid-back and picturesque cities of Cairns and Townsville also provides endless activities for family fun and education to create a well-rounded life. Explore World Heritage Sites a stone’s throw away from your future home, such as famous Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree National Park, protected areas and nature sanctuaries conducive for hiking and sightseeing. For those who prefer indoor activities, there is also the Museum of Tropical Queensland at Townsville. Roaming these cities on foot, visiting its sites and restaurants in the midst of the Castle Hill in Townsville and the view of the Skyrail Rainforest Cable-way in Cairns, also provide a psycho-geographical pleasure for couples and families alike.

Drawing Foundations

From conceptualising the look of your home to the materials needed to ensure safety and ease of living, clients are guided and assisted in making the right decisions in designing and building their house. Needs, income, size of family, and aspirations are just some of the things considered in drawing the foundations of your home to furnishing it with the best furniture and fixtures. As part of its security programming, options for CCTV and coded security locks are also provided.

Expanding Horizons

Development sites are also strategically connected to commercial and business districts, but without losing the idyllic touch of the suburbs. Homes built in Townsville and Cairns cater to families, professionals, and retires. Plans and designs are made flexible to respond to the different phases of a person’s life and the life of their family, providing opportunities to expand their horizons. This is where dreams end and a beautiful life begins.