From Drab to Fab: 4 Beautiful Transformations for Sliding Glass Doors

sliding glass door

Take a long good look at your door. Does it feel like something is missing or is it too plain for your taste? Are those curtains and decor look like they have been there for ages? How about giving your sliding doors a total makeover? Here are some ideas to help you get started:

Let the Drapes Down

For homeowners who want to achieve a classy and sophisticated look, drapes could be their best choice. Mounting draperies over the door allows you to easily close them at the centre, on one side or cover everything. To retain the function of the door, stack the fabric completely on the wall. One quick design tip: to balance the stack back of your draperies, always use the one-third measurement of your doorframe’s length for a more polished look.

Shut In, Shut Out

This option is ideal for people who prefer a simple design that offers a stylish finish. To make the shutters blend into your glass or sliding doors, choose a shade or colour that is similar to the walls.

Blinds for the Perfect Light

Blinds are the most popular choice for homeowners who want to enjoy a good amount of sunlight in their homes. More than just protecting you from the sun, blinds for sliding doors are an effective solution to enhance the level of privacy of your home while highlighting the style of your doors. What is so good about this choice is that it instantly upgrades the look of your space without undergoing extreme changes. Just a quick reminder, make sure the control cord will not get in the way of the door handles to avoid tangling or twisting them.

Shades are becoming more popular when it comes to dressing up homes. This is because they offer variety of design and material options, as well as provide a modish, lively and visually pleasing appeal to any part of the property. To avoid the constant slapping of shades against the glass doors whenever you slide them open or close, use a special hold-down bracket to hold the treatments in place.

Beautify your sliding doors with simple and easy steps. These door treatments are sure to give a new look to your entrance.