Do You Have Missing Teeth? 4 Reasons to Consider Dentures


Dentures are no longer reserved for the elderly; people of all ages now get them. There are different types of dentures, which include partial, full, implant supported and immediate dentures. Partial dentures are recommended for people who a have few teeth extracted while full dentures replace all the teeth. Why should you consider dentures?

Protect your remaining teeth

When teeth are extracted, the remaining ones get weak as a result. Eventually, they too have to be removed. Dentures fill up the spaces, which strengthens the remaining teeth and gives you a natural and beautiful smile. Also, missing teeth alter the alignment, causing the remaining teeth to shift position towards the spaces. This can only be corrected by getting dentures. Talking to a dentures expert from Mahoney Family Dentistry in South Bend will help you understand the problems that come with tooth extraction and how dentures solve them.

Allow you to chew food properly

Missing some of your teeth will force you to select foods or not chew properly. This can lead to digestive problems. You will also have concerns about food particles getting stuck in the spaces left by the missing teeth. With dentures, you can eat all types of food comfortably.

Correct facial structure

Teeth play an essential role in keeping the facial muscles in place. When you lose a significant number of teeth, this leads to sagging facial tissues. This alters your facial structure, causing you to look older.

Improve self-esteem

A healthy smile boosts your confidence. You will tend to smile less when you have some teeth missing. People tend to socialize less, and usually feel uncomfortable when in social circles.

Poor oral hygiene, trauma to the teeth, and diabetes can lead to teeth loss. Dentures can restore the smile you once cherished and make you look younger.