Different Kinds of Dental Implants for Bone Maintenance

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Dental implants have evolved to be a mainstream method of replacing teeth. Many new patients would rather choose dental implants because they look and feel like original teeth. Implants are low maintenance and are cleaned just like the teeth they replaced.

There is no special procedure like those for denture care and cleaning. And unlike dentures, implants do not need adhesives to use. If you require dental implants for your teeth, in West Valley, Utah, you should know your options and choices.

Types of Implant Restorations

There are six types of implant restorations:

  • Single tooth replacements. It has one implant which supports a single crown.
  • Multiple tooth replacements. Used to replace multiple missing teeth, These are a set of multiple implants which support the same number of crowns, and sometimes even more crowns. It is possible to have a 3-unit bridgework, with only two implants.
  • A combination of fixed and removable bridgework. Implants are used for fixed bridgework support, with an attached removable bridge.
  • Over-dentures. The implants are placed where the dentures would rest. This prevents the loss of bone material where the dentures would have touched the bone.
  • Anchorage. In orthodontics, the implants are used as anchor units, instead of the adjoining teeth.
  • Temporary bridgework. Micro and mini implants are initially used while the permanent implants heal. After healing, the micro and mini implants are removed.

Where there is a need for a temporary implant, dentists use micro or mini implants instead. These are removed after permanent implants have healed. There are more than 40 different varieties of implants which fall in the above general or major types. The dentist will choose the type of implant to use. This will be based on the size, type and design of the dental implant. Other considerations include the available bone, what kind of bone, and the design of teeth that the implant will support.