Dental Care for Pregnant Women and the Role of the Dentist In Mackay

pregnant woman visiting the dentist

Pregnancy can be a very happy period in a woman’s life, though it can also be quite stressful and overwhelming. When pregnant, most women are obliged to visit many different healthcare professionals and visiting the dentist should also be on the agenda. This is because they need to ensure that their health and physical well-being is in good shape as the health of their unborn child depends upon it.

Pregnant women, in particular, should be more mindful of their teeth and gums because hormonal changes during pregnancy can increase the risk of developing a specific kind of gum disease called pregnancy gingivitis, which in turn can affect the development of the foetus. As a matter of fact, any changes in the colour and sensitivity of the gums during pregnancy, should be immediately reported to the dentist in Mackay.

For this reason, pregnant women are advised to visit a dentist in Mackay, such as Northern Beaches Dental, for regular check-ups in order to address and prevent any dental health concerns.

Dental Work During Pregnancy

Visiting the dentist in Mackay on a regular basis while pregnant, can prevent many dental problems. A dentist should always know how far along in the pregnancy their patients are as well as the type of medicines they are taking. Pregnant women are not at risk when getting a routine cleaning or a dental exam, however, the best time to have any additional dental work done is usually the second trimester. Pain medication, local anaesthesia, and x-rays are usually safe procedures for pregnant women, but a dentist in Mackay may advise against them if there’s even the slightest possibility that they will affect the baby.

It is best to delay elective or invasive procedures, such as cosmetic treatment or dental implants, until after the baby is delivered, while regular dental check-ups should not be skipped.

After the Birth

After giving birth, most mothers will be busy caring for their newborn and attending the many medical appointments required for their newborn. However, once they have had time to settle into a routine, they should schedule a dental appointment to make sure that any changes in their oral health that developed during pregnancy have resolved.