Dental Appliances That Could Be Used with Clear Aligners

woman wearing clear aligners

Crooked teeth are unfortunately a common dental issue. The solution for this in the past was metal braces which were uncomfortable and conspicuous. These have been primarily replaced with clear aligners, which are invisible, comfortable to wear and easy to maintain.

Clear plastic aligners are 99% efficient in straightening crooked teeth. For severe malocclusions and misalignments, however, your dentist might recommend auxiliary appliances to be used with the clear aligners to enhance the success of your treatment. Here are some of these auxiliary appliances.

Buttons and Elastics

These appliances consist of buttons on which an elastic is attached. The buttons are generally small tooth-colored metal or plastic brackets which provide anchor points for the elastic.

The dentist might recommend trimming of your aligner to enhance its comfort. The trimming also allows a proper fit for the buttons and elastics without compromising the aligner’s fit.


These are tiny tooth-colored dots made using dental bonding material. Dentists place the attachments in particular locations on teeth to enhance the grip of your clear aligners.

This grip is essential to move the teeth efficiently in cases where a tooth’s angulation, shape, and size make it hard for the aligner to apply enough pressure on it.

Power Ridges

These are a lot like attachments. They are small bumps filled with a white dental filling material, which dentists place in strategic locations of your teeth.

Unlike attachments, however, power ridges go in twos; one on the front side and the other on the back. The power ridges hence produce simultaneous pressure to move your teeth into position.

The above auxiliary appliances now allow more and more patients to take advantage of clear aligners to correct their dental issues. With straight teeth, you enhance not only the appearance of your smile but also your overall dental health.

Regardless of the severity of your dental misalignment, there is now a solution for you in clear plastic aligners.