Common Sprinkler Problems to Watch Out For

garden with sprinkler system

Sprinklers are heaven sent. Imagine having to go around and watering a huge lawn for an hour or more every day just to keep a green grass on your side of the property. No so much fun, isn’t it?

With sprinkler systems, every homeowner can enjoy the luxury of just sitting back and relaxing while their sprinkler takes care of the job for them. But, like other things, problems that need attention can inevitably arise. Sprinkler repair from Salt Lake City companies such as Utah Sprinkler can easily be done.

However, in order to know what kind of services you need, you must first determine the problem at hand.


Because sprinkler systems are on the floor, soil, dirt, and debris can easily clog the sprinkler heads causing it to malfunction. Sometimes, you can do a simple case of cleaning and removing the clog, while a dirtier or a more complex situation would need the help of a professional.


Punctures in your hose and piping due to traumatic forces can cause your system to leak and wastewater. Inspecting your sprinkler system regularly can help you determine if such problems are present and help you seek help immediately.

Uneven watering

If you notice that a part of your lawn is greener while the other is duller, then it can be a sign of uneven watering. The wrong valve head can be the culprit, or maybe the scheduling of one area from another is off. Looking into the cause of the problem can help you determine how to solve it.


Spraying at the wrong side of the lawn is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Not only will it be a waste of water, but it can also cause unnecessary dirt and puddles around the house. Make sure you position your valves properly to avoid this from happening.

Be an observant homeowner and do not hesitate to call professionals for help when you sense that something is wrong with your sprinkler system.